What makes the “Beyond” brand of photograph album different from other middle to high priced “luxury” albums on the market?

The majority of “luxury” so called handmade leather photograph albums are made using pre mechanically stitched and trimmed to size album blocks with either cream or black pages.


Our “Beyond” range of photograph albums have hand folded sections of quality acid free Paradigm Cliché Archival paper which are then sewn onto cotton tapes using a traditional sewing frame by hand.

Two single low quality grey boards are favoured by commercial album manufacturers to make the covers with either thinner grey board or thin card used in the spine.


Each “Beyond” photograph album has an individually prepared and lined split board cover made from quality millboard to give rigidity and support to the hand sewn album block.

The majority of “luxury” leather photograph albums are covered in blended reconstituted or bonded leather which is supplied on rolls or sheets and even when skins are used they are of a cheaper lower grade, grain corrected or embossed leather.

Each “Beyond” leather photograph album is covered in a single handpicked skin of the finest bookbinding leather from a comprehensive colour range. Each skin has its own individual charm, natural grain and character making each album truly unique.
*If leather is not the covering of choice we use quality “Heritage” durable and waterproof buckram.

All “Beyond” leather or buckram photograph albums are personalised with up to two lines of text set by hand. Motifs for many occasions can be added for that extra touch from our own range or company logos and more personal motifs can be added once a block is made from supplied artwork.

The “Beyond” brand is probably the only “luxury” photograph album on the market that is truly unique in that they are totally hand bound using traditional bookbinding skills/techniques and the highest quality leather and materials making them without comparison.